5 Best Digital Nomad hubs?

One of the best things I ever did was take the leap, quit my job at home and become a digital nomad. I must admit that my friends and family thought I was a little crazy leaving such a stable lifestyle, but for me it wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted. I felt there was more out there to experience and living the 9-5 rat race was never going to allow me to do see it.

So, I became a digital nomad. But, what is a digital nomad? A digital nomad is basically someone that travels whilst they work. This doesn’t mean they are fixed working in an office or bar, their work is done online which means they can work from anywhere in the world. Sounds great? Well I can tell you, for me anyway, that it’s proving to be fantastic!

With all the freedom to live anywhere in the world you are left with a lot of choices. You need to find a city that suits you but one that is also affordable.

Here are my 5 best digital nomad hubs in the world right now.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is probably one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s a great little city with everything you need to be a nomad.

  • Average cost of living: $650 per month (that includes your rent, food and a bit of entertainment)
  • Best Place To work: Punspace
  • Best time to visit: I would say anytime of year apart from Feb-April when the ‘burning season’ takes place.

Bangkok, Thailand

Love it, love it, love it! I lived here for over two years and it’s amazing. Tourists tend not to like Bangkok, but everyone who lives there loves it.

  • Average cost of living: $1,500 per month
  • Best Place to work: Hubba, Pah Space
  • Best time to visit: ANYTIME!!!!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There’s so much to see and do in this amazing city that you’ll never get bored. In recent years it’s turned in to a huge hub for nomads.

  • Average cost of living: $950 per month
  • Best Place to work: Work Saigon, Saigon Coworking
  • Best time to visit: The dry season is from December to April which is probably best, but beware that the temperature can get very hot. But don’t worry about that because you’ll be working in an air con café.

Ubud, Indonesia

This place is popular because it is amazingly tranquil. It’s located in Bali, so there’s beach living to be had, which I think, is always good for the soul.

  • Average cost of living: $1,150 per month
  • Best Place to work: Hubud, Lineup Hub
  • Best time to visit: June to September is best but it’s also high season, so book your room in advance.

Prague, Czech Republic

Finally one that’s not in SE Asia, Prague is beautiful and cheap. It’s a digital nomad hotspot for good reason.

  • Average cost of living: $1,200 per month
  • Best Place to work: Hub Praha
  • Best time to visit: Anytime during the spring or summer