Is Bali a good place for bloggers to live?

I always hear about bloggers moving to Bali, to live and work. I had heard so many brilliant things about the place that I decided it was about time I checked it out for myself. I ending up staying there for 6 months and absolutely loved it?

So why did I find living in Bali was all it’s made out to be?

Cheap pricing

I have lived in several different countries and Bali is by far the cheapest. You can easily get by on $30 a day. If you’re living with someone then the rent can be even cheaper. To live in such a paradise it seems like the world’s best bargain. If you look hard enough you’ll be able to get a villa with a pool for a crazy price.

The culture is amazing

Balinese culture is rich and beautiful. It has this spiritual feel to it and energy that I have not experienced anywhere else in the world. If you’re open to learning about different cultures then this will feel like heaven.

It’s Safe and comfortable

This is always top of the list when you move to a new country because it’s not like being back home where you know the lay of the land. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable then you’re just not going to enjoy living there – that’s a fact. Bali feels very safe and I didn’t ever feel uneasy or unsafe. That’s a big plus when you’re carrying around your expensive equipment.

It’s easy to stay for a long time

This is a problem that digital nomads face when they move to a new country. I know for a fact that in places such as Thailand it can sometimes be tricky to stay for extended periods and constantly renewing your visa will lead to lots of questioning from immigration officials, and on occasion not being permitted to enter the country. You can get a visa on arrival in Bali and then extend it when your thirty days are up.

High speed Internet everywhere

What’s the one thing that is essential as a blogger? Fast Wi-Fi and it must be easy to find! Otherwise you pound the streets looking for a decent connection to upload your latest article, that’s a stress no one wants or needs. In Bali you will never be far from fast Wi-Fi, there are cafes everywhere and it’s easy to get it installed at home too. The mobile signal is also extremely good, so when you’re not at your desk you can always keep up-to-date with your work emails on your iPhone – a massive plus!

Do you live in Bali? Are you a blogger thinking about moving there? I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, experiences or questions. I am sure that if you have any questions the community here will be able to help you answer them. Just put everything you want to ask or tell in the comment section below.