What is a digital nomad?

I am sure that you might have heard the term ‘digital nomad’ before. It’s becoming quite the phenomenon around the globe as people aim for a lifestyle with more freedom.

For those of you reading this that may not have heard about digital nomads, let me clear it all up and explain what’s going on.

To put it simply, a digital nomad is someone that doesn’t live out of a fixed address and travels whilst they work online, making money at the same time. It’s the kind of lifestyle that allows people to experience continued travel without the need to be hunting for jobs in the pace that they are, or have to give up travel for a while in order to get a job to pay for the next adventure.

The equation: No fixed address + Travel + working remotely = Digital Nomad

Here are some of the main features for a Digital Nomad:

Mobile, work is independent of location

Digital nomads can work from anywhere on the planet. This is known as being location-independent. This is completely different from people who travel and take short-term jobs in a foreign country, a digital nomads job is done remotely.

They rely on the Internet

A key component of being a digital nomad is making use of technology and the Internet in order to make money. Usually you will see digital nomads working from their laptop or tablet using the Internet to connect with the world.

They love to travel

The one thing that digital nomads tend to have in common is that they all love to travel and explore the world. The key factor that separates digital nomads from the community that works remotely is that they have the opportunity to travel and work from anywhere they like.

They live life on their terms

I have met hundreds of digital nomads and the thing that really stands out is that they work on their own schedule. The idea of being a digital nomad is of course to make money remotely, but it is also about living the lifestyle you dreamt of. This could be surfing at lunchtime, doing yoga classes or even learning a new language. It’s not only during lunchtime; it could be for the whole day because a digital nomad can pick and choose the hours they work.

Are you a digital nomad or are you thinking of becoming one? If you are a digital nomad, it would be fantastic if you could share with the community here why you chose such a path, what makes it great and also what type of work you find yourself doing. If you’re thinking of entering the digital nomad world, why are you considering such a change? Plus, if you have any questions or reservations then please do ask away here. I know that everyone will be more than willing to help you out with advice and answer your questions. Just put everything in the comment section below this post.