Who’s Dreamin’?

Do you know what a digital nomad is? I didn’t either, so let me help you out…

That pic right there, that’s me. I’m Steve, and I turned my back on the corporate world recently and I’m blogging about my digital nomad journey. For those of you guys who don’t know what a digital nomad is, just know that it’s the future! Basically, all I need is an internet connection and my laptop  (or even my phone) and I can ‘work’.

So when I upload pics onto my instagram, with a coconut in hand, or even better, a pina colada, I might also be working. I do a few different things to make money – I design websites mostly, or I should say I redesign websites for people who used amateurs the first time round (if you need a new site, drop me an email!). That pays the bills, and keeps me afloat.

In the long run I’d love to monetize this website, to ensure I have an additional stream of income. When you make money online, you rely on clients too  much, so passive income is the way to go. And Dreamoverseas365.com will be my answer for that. So i used to dream about being overseas 365 days a year, so I made it happen. And the only way is up from here!


EMAIL: steve@Dreamoverseas365.com